Why Nice Agents Finish First

Being nice is a subjective trait.   One person’s nice is another’s patsy.    Being nice is not a good idea during negotiations, particularly when the other side is not being so nice.

However, when you are spending a lot of time with a real estate agent either buying or selling a home, the agent will grow to know you fairly well, and visa-versa.   You don’t want to find yourself having to climb into a car with someone who is truly specious.  You don’t want to be associated with someone who sends colleagues running.   You will be spending at least dozens of hours together viewing homes and depending on that person for accurate advice on price, neighborhood, home inspections and a negotiating strategy.   Buyers and sellers don’t realize that their choice of agents may represent not only their offer or their home….but the choice of agent could send a message that is not flattering.   If it’s someone who is known throughout the community for falsehoods and a lack of integrity, your sale or your offer may not bring the activity you were hoping for. 

Choose someone known for a professional, pleasant personality and a stellar reputation.  It will mean more than you know at critical moments.