Peeved About Pics

Yesterday I found myself once again trying to ‘fix’ really bad photos of an absolutely gorgeous home before I sent them to a prospective buyer.  The agent had obviously taken them himself.   Even if an agent isn’t going to spend the funds for a professional photographer, is it too much to ask that the lights be turned on or the toiletries be put away for the photos that are so important in the buyer’s decision on whether they’re going to view a home?   Sheesh….  I’m spending more time on them than some of the listing agents.

I’ve pasted a photo below created by one of my favorite photographers on an off-market listing I have.  No expense is spared.  Even on lower-end properties that are not staged, I can show you an amazing before-and-after on how just a little effort can create warm, inviting photos that will bring the buyers in!