Marin IJ Article on Market: They Got it Right

No arguments with the front page article in the Marin IJ today. Yes, the median price is edging upward, and yes, there is a larger percentage of homes going into contract. Have we passed the absolute bottom, though? A month ago, I was saying ‘no’.’ But because there are more higher end homes going into contract than I predicted, I am now officially getting out of the predicting game.

Where is the bottom? Who knows? Who cares….as long as you are moving to the most wonderful place on the planet. ; )

Today’s smart buyers are recognizing good deals whether they are the properties that have just come on the market at a great price… or whether they are stale listings that have already taken a 20% price drop. It’s a good idea to work with an honest, responsive, knowledgeable real estate agent, educate yourself on the market, then don’t question a good deal when it comes along.