Hope Springs Temporarily on a 4-Lane Thoroughfare

JUST when you start to lose all faith in humanity, something like this happens:

Getting off northbound 101 at Corte Madera, and following the flow making a right on Paradise Drive, suddenly traffic comes to a screeching halt.  A young man had stopped his truck to block traffic and hopped out.  What happened?  A downed biker?  An accident?  No it was a mommy duck with her babies much like the photo to the right being sheparded across a 4 lane road by a Good Samaritan.   He then stopped the 2 lanes of traffic coming in the other direction, helped a couple of the little ducklings over the median strip, and the feathered family gratefully hopped into the canal on the other side.

Awwwwwww!   My faith in humanity is restored…