A Winter Window Tune Up

Shocked, shocked!   When my favorite ‘large company’ Marin painting contractor, Nick Kunst of Kunst Brothers, gave me the estimate for my stair patch and paint…and window touch-up.   Turns out, I had been turning a blind eye to spots on my windows (I still consider them new) that look like this:

As a real estate professional, I know that what happens when paint cracks, water infiltrates, and dry rot starts.   It’s not pretty and it grows… because it’s a FUNGUS!    Seriously people, don’t be in denial like your friendly neighborhood real estate agent down the street.  This problem gets worse, and the sooner you catch, patch, and paint spots like this, the longer your house will be a solid one.

Next week, on this same page, I’ll put together my recommended winter tune up list for the entire home, and contact information for my go-to people on all those items.