A New Program to Help You Buy First and Sell Fast

Golden Gate Sotheby’s has a new program available for those who are struggling with the challenges of making a move. The ‘Next Level’ Concierge program has several options that homeowners with equity in their homes can choose from to prepare their home for sale and/or buy their next home first.

The aspect of this program I wish I had for so many past clients is the ability to get all the property preparation work done prior to marketing the home… and in a streamlined fashion. With the concierge program, we provide a bid for property preparation custom to your home, which includes items like painting, repairs, landscaping, staging, and cosmetic upgrades like new lighting fixtures or countertops. If you approve, you don’t pay a cent until you close escrow at which time the funds will be paid to the contractor and vendors out of your proceeds

Our approved tradespeople are all licensed and insured, which of course is an important protection for you should there be an accident or damage during the process. We can also add a qualified contractor to the list of approved vendors. There is a 10% premium on whatever you choose to have done, but it is possible that even with the premium, the Concierge bids will be competitive with others due to the large scale of this program. Of course, the time savings to you is invaluable, and a home that is warm, inviting and shows well with Sotheby’s trademark photography will inevitably bring in a much higher price.

For those who may not have the income or the down payment (or home equity line) for purchasing your next home before you sell, there is a new suite of loan programs for many different situations. This allows buyers to find the perfect home, move, and then have the experts prepare and stage the initial home giving you a better shot at multiple offers, a fast sale and high price. Homes that are stylishly furnished, always ‘on’ and available for agents to show clients at any time seem to be on the tour lists more often. Of course, selling first and renting for a year as a way to try out a new area is a great idea, too.

Click here for more information and I would be happy to discuss with you how this plan may fit in with your plans and goals.