San Francisco Homebuyers Flocking to Marin

Holding open a lovely Sausalito home last Sunday, I noticed that nearly all of the 30 or so couples who came through were from San Francisco.  Even for the busy spring homebuying season, it seems like quite an exodus this year.  Many of the buyers are giving up on the market there:  low inventory, multiple offers, higher prices.

But perhaps the hurdles of living in the city are becoming too numerous.   Check this out:    Muni buses are now videotaping license plates of cars they pass.  Even  if you  have pulled over to the side of the road to pick someone up, or take a call, as this reporter did, you can be taped, and ticketed via mail if you are there during a ‘no parking’ time.   Big brother just got bigger:

You Know The Bottom of the Market Only When You See it in the Rearview Mirror

Mulitple offers are back in the Marin County real estate world, and some buyers are wishing they would have been more serious when the rest of the world wasn’t looking.  I was quoted in the Marin Independent Journal last week about the market shift, but most of the information I passed along wasn’t included.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Not everything is being sold quickly or with multiple offers
  • Homes that are priced too high are still sitting there, and buyers have an opportunity to pick up that ‘steal’ once the prices are dropped
  • Homes that are not remodeled are still hurting in this market:  buyers are informed and know exactly how much new kitchens, baths, and roofs cost
  • It’s even more important to have a trusted realtor working with you if you’re a buyer.  You get previews of new listings, and you will see that your realtor has an excellent sense for what will sell quickly, and at what price
  • If you’re a seller, a good realtor will save you from the pain of watching your price drop after a debut that falls flat