July 4 Larkspur Pancake Breakfast and Parade


On Sunday morning, don’t miss the old-fashioned pancake breakfast in downtown Larkspur—with pancakes, sausages, fruit, and famous Gin Fizzes—at Larkspur’s American Legion Hall from 8 to 11 am at the corner of Ward Street and Magnolia Avenue.    The parade starts at noon from Redwood High and winds through downtown Larkspur then down Tamalapais toward Town Park.   Inexplicably, the police close off Tamalpais at 11:30, just when parade and party goers are heading toward downtown.   

So get there early, and then enjoy the post-parade festivities at Town Park until 5 pm….

Happy 4th!


A Win at the Probate Window

I always enjoy a new experience of any kind, and presenting a sealed offer for a probate sale at Marin County’s Public Administrator’s Office turned out to be a good one.  My clients and I had monitored the competition on this sale for weeks, strategically planned inspections just prior to the offer, and submitted a very carefully thought out bid.   With no competition, and a strong pre-approval letter, they walked away with an acceptance on an incredible price.

It was a very strange place to get such great news… we were on one side of the plastic barrier at the counter — the official reviewing the offer on the other.  No matter… great news is great news… and even probates suddenly don’t seem as difficult a process as I expected.   Another interesting piece of information:  the county will sometimes do light remodeling on a home in order to bring in a higher price.   In some cases, like in any sale, it’s necessary to do some work for the home to sell at all.