Avalanche of Mill Valley Listings in Last 2 Weeks

In the price range of a million to one million four hundred thousand, there have been 16 new listings in Mill Valley in the last 2 weeks. It’s a boon for buyers who have been looking in this charming town for awhile. The inventory has not been high, and now there are some terrific homes in top locations to consider.

One of the new listings has already gone into contract.   Buyers are ready to make a move now, and they are starting to recognize and act on the good deals that are out there.

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Marin IJ Article on Market: They Got it Right

No arguments with the front page article in the Marin IJ today. Yes, the median price is edging upward, and yes, there is a larger percentage of homes going into contract. Have we passed the absolute bottom, though? A month ago, I was saying ‘no’.’ But because there are more higher end homes going into contract than I predicted, I am now officially getting out of the predicting game.

Where is the bottom? Who knows? Who cares….as long as you are moving to the most wonderful place on the planet. ; )

Today’s smart buyers are recognizing good deals whether they are the properties that have just come on the market at a great price… or whether they are stale listings that have already taken a 20% price drop. It’s a good idea to work with an honest, responsive, knowledgeable real estate agent, educate yourself on the market, then don’t question a good deal when it comes along.

Good Omen for a Healthy Market — or at least an active spring

As of last evening, the gorgeous newly constructed home in Larkspur listed for 2.55 had two offers. Although that is above most price ranges, it is good news for everyone, in my opinion, even buyers. Buyers are concerned about the economy and the market in general. If we see sales in the higher price ranges it will mean that those who can purchase new homes, cars, and hire designers, contractors, landscapers, etc. are feeling more confidence in the economy.

There are good deals in every price range now. This may not be the bottom of the market, it may just be the busy spring season. But it really is good to see this kind of activity.

SF Market Heats Up: Is Marin Following?

I sat in on the Pacific Union marketwatch meeting in the city last week. I thought I was on another planet.

Eight offers here, ten offers there, and this for properties priced at well over $1 million. It seems that the new listings coming on in the ‘hot’ neighborhoods are drawing a lot of attention from buyers who are finally getting off the fence. The homes that are well-priced are now selling quickly.

Will the SF-to-Marin market pattern hold true this time? We had quite a few new listings last week — check back next week for a summary of what percentage are in contract. We are definitely seeing more ‘pent up buyer demand’. Those buyers who have been looking lackadaisically over the last few months at the same stale listings are now getting out and more purposefully viewing the new listings.

April 30 DEADLINE for $8,000 or $6,500 in your Pocket

For those buying homes for $800,000 or less, the deadline for getting into contract and being eligible for a huge tax credit is April 30. First-time homebuyers in Marin will receive an $8,000 tax credit, and ‘move-up’ buyers will receive $6,500. These amounts end up in your pocket in full: these are not amounts you deduct from your income. There is an income limit, along with other rules. Single buyers must make $125,000 or less, couples: $225,000.

There are some great deals coming on the market in this price range. Call Marin Realtor Julie Leitzell for information: 415-945-6311. All homebuyers should consult with their tax advisor….blah blah blah

Listings Pouring In

Well it’s not a spring deluge yet, but if you can read the attached chart, you can see the number of available listings in Marin County has grown steadily. Four weeks ago, it was at 661, now it’s 727 available homes.