Increasing Number of $2 – $3 Million Listings

This is anecdotal evidence until I run the numbers, but this week’s tour seemed to have quite a few new listings priced in the $2 – $3 Million range in Tiburon, Mill Valley and Sausalito. Several of them were priced-to-SELL. I have to wonder how long it will be for the rest of them to have to lower their prices, given the lack of pre-approved buyers in this price range.

Please see the “Best Deals” page on my website at for details and photos for a couple of them. I will be posting that tonight (Wednesday)

Underpricing as a Selling Strategy

Well we all knew the out of town agent had grossly underpriced a listing that came on a couple of weeks ago, but the actual selling price, more than $200,000 over asking, turned out to be right on. The sellers not only got a fair price….they didn’t have to ‘chase the market down’, and they had the advantage of having a closed sale within two weeks (must have been all cash). So hey, despite the snickers, crazy like a fox!

If you have a stunning home in a stellar location, it may not be a bad idea to create a frenzy with an unbelievable price! Takes guts though…..

Upscale Marin Kitchens

I thought I’d get away from all the depressing talk about foreclosures, short sales and distressed properties and instead encourage everyone to go on the Kitchen Tour in Tiburon and Belvedere on Saturday February 6th. A real estate agent’s dream: Quality work, excellent designs….and hopefully closed out permits! It’s loads of fun to hop in the van and travel from home to home on the tour. The kitchen to the left is not on the tour….. there are a few kids and a ditzy dog you may recognize, though.

For tour tickets, ($40, $45), log onto: