TV Segment on Kentfield/Greenbrae

They got the numbers right, and there are some great points about the two different towns of Kentfield and Greenbrae, but I think they came to the wrong conclusion on why the markets are so different.

The points made are accurate when you see my listing at     A lot more house for the money than you would find in Kentfield, yet you have the same shopping, the same schools.

Here’s the ForbesMagazine Video.   Let me know what you think!

Pre-Labor Day Marin Market Schizophrenia

The Southern Marin Real Estate Market continues to include homes for sale at prices that are at the least optimistic, at worst, downright laughable.

On the other hand, there are a few homes in Marin that have  come on at prices that are ‘get your buyer on the phone’ great.    In one instance, I ALMOST e-mailed the agent who sent out a flyer announcing a new listing to ask if there was a typo in the price.    Glad I didn’t….because the price is correct….and if this market is declining, the price is right!

Larkspur in the News

I thought I would re-post a couple of fun items from my previous Yahoo blog.

This one is a link to TV coverage of an event designed to stimulate local shopping and supporting downtown Larkspur.     It was covered by the Marin IJ and KTVU-TV News.    It was a great success, and we might create another “Economic Stimulus Soiree”  this fall.

Multiple Offers in Marin Real Estate….again?

It might be coincidence, but I submitted two offers this week that were very good ones.    One is in back-up because of timing — we had to wait for the buyer’s financial ducks to be put in a row, the other is in back-up because someone else came in with a full price offer.

Hopefully, for the sake of buyers in today’s Marin real estate market, this is a short-lived bump due to good economic news!   

Julie Leitzell, Realtor


Marin Home Sales Market Stats for June

Click on the chart below for the story of what we’re seeing in the real estate market in Marin this summer:

The lower-priced homes are selling like hotcakes.   As first-time buyers scramble to qualify for the $8,000 tax credit, and investors snap up the ‘steals’ out there, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a really low-priced home.  

The INTERESTING difference from just a couple of months ago is this:   the percentage of $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 homes in contract is up by several percentage points.   We’re moving back toward a balanced market in that category.   Higher end homes, however, are still not moving.